How a B2C Twillio Programmable Chat App Boosts Business Communication?

As an enterprise what is your major concern? Most of you would answer, extending immediate support to the customers. How many of you try to break down this issue, and figure out what can be truly done?

Chat support is one of the ways of extending immediate support. However, the need for a human resource to attend to the needs of the customer causes delay in the communication, and makes way for another business.

Mr. Mykonos was one such business facing an issue of attending to the customer’s immediate needs, and required a business app that would help boost communication.

The solution offered is an excellent example of how enterprise mobile application for communication can be designed, and what things need to be considered before streamlining an application.


Need for chat app

There was no immediate contact between the employees of the enterprise and the customers. So, when a customer wanted to raise a question, they had to either send an email or call the support team, and wait for some time before they got some answers.

Second, there was no possibility of a real-time conversation. For every response, the customer could have a question, which needs to be answered. This was not possible on the email, and phone conversations could be long, and painful.

There was a need for something real-time and less time consuming for both the support team and the customers. The chat app was pronounced as a solution as it would be real-time, immediate and offer resolutions to every matter.

Why Twillio Programmable Chat?

Instead of building the chat application from the scratch, the chat application was built using Twillio’s programmable chat SDK.

In case of the entire solution, you had to struggle through every aspect of design and development, and the time-to-market increased. In case of Twillio SDK, you can readily add the available chat features and customize it to meet your requirements. You can even scale your business app hassle-free.

The chat SDK has the APIs and the features that you need for the business logic.

All you need to do is choose the client-side programming language. Accordingly, you will get the SDKs and the installation links. Once done, you are ready to start coding your app to meet your business and marketing strategies and goals.

The Solution

The solution was devised using the cloud-based Ruby on Rails framework with Postgre for the backend. The mobile solution was devised using the native iOS and Android operating systems. The Twillio SDK was integrated along with REST API for the mobile solutions. The solution also consisted of the typing indicators, reachability indicators and role-based allocation for ease of use.

The reason for the solution was to develop backend and frontend system separately, and ensure that backend is an integral aspect of the chat application, as the entire communication is dependent on the smoothness of the backend.

The development was not as easy as it was planned to be, as there were a few challenges the team faced, owing to the different factors involved.

  • Documentation is not available for Rails 5, and being a relatively new platform, the syntax and other aspects of the framework were still unknown.
  • Twillio documentation keeps evolving, and it is always a challenge to process with integration while you are working with a new and evolved version of Twillio. It takes time to understand the Twillio documentation, and you need to consider that time when you are planning for the integration.

Things to consider when planning business chat apps


  • The purpose of the chat application is very important. In this case, the purpose was clear that they wanted a real-time application that could connect and communicate with their customers. They also wanted to accelerate the time-to-market. That led to Twillio integration for the chat app development

  • What is the budget of your development? In case of Twillio app integration, you don’t spend a lot on the development. You can work on budget and get a smooth and well-defined chat application for your business. The budget of your app and related concerns help you realize the path for building your chat app


  • Finally, how do you want to proceed with the chat app development? Do you want to go in-house or do you want to outsource the development of the application? In-house vs outsourcing will determine the exact nature of app development and the strategies involved.



The Twillio programmable chat application has helped the business increase their conversions, and improve their profitability. The immediate contact with the customers has helped the company keep up with the changing customer requirements and offer them with the right kind of solutions.

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How UK’s #1 Mobile Hiring App Job Today Raised $16Mn in Series B Funding?

In an extension to the Series B funding round, Job Today raised $16Mn from 14W Accel and Mangrove. This mobile app specifically devised for job hiring was launched in 2015, with an aim of helping the small and large companies across Europe get access to the top talent. This recent investment will be used by the company to expand its presence along several countries. Currently, the company has amassed a 46% YoY increase in the number of applications and has registered over 4,00,000 small businesses to its portal.

So, what makes the company with a staff of just 50 people gain access to the best companies in the world, and help them with talent management?
We already have job search mobile applications like Uber, Task Rabbit and Handy that help the people gain access to the blue collar jobs available in the market. How then does Job Today make things different for the UK market?
The basic difference lies in the approach and the way the application helps people get access to the top jobs.
Let’s take a look at the Job Today search app that is available in the market

The Job Today App: An Insight
• Like every other job search app, this app also allows the job seekers to connect with those who are recruiting. The only difference between this app and the others available in the market is the fast turnaround time. The candidates can get job responses within 24 hours of applying for the job
• The app is currently focused on serving the hospitality and retail industries.
• The application has, as of date, processed over 5Mn candidates in Europe alone. The app has been ranked 45 by Google Play Store.
The predominant feature being the Tinder like application created just for the job search segment.

mobile app development company
Planning for the application is the most important aspect of developing the picture-perfect application for your business. Here we will tell you what it takes to deliver a top-notch business application
Tips to build the perfect job search application
• Define your purpose: The main aim of the application is to ensure the candidates get a job and the recruiters have their designations filled easily. What do you aim to achieve with the application? The answer to this question will help you define the purpose of the application. For instance, are you delivering it for a particular niche or is your application oriented towards companies specifically. The purpose of the application needs to be specific if you want to reach the target audience
• Search for the unique feature: The Job Today application allowed job matches within 24 hours of application. This meant your job application is forwarded with greater urgency and this is the case for all people, irrespective of the skills and companies. This feature helped the application excel, and allowed it to gain an advantage against the others in the segment. You will need to check for the unique feature that will help your app pull the strings and move forward and gain the top position. The unique feature can be something very simple, like offering convenience or, something that fills the gap that exists in the industry. An in-depth research into the industry and the different job apps available in the market will help you achieve the right feature.
• Deliver opportunities: You will need to create opportunities for the skills you are planning to hire with your app. The blue collar market is huge, and when you create opportunities for those people in your application and improve the accessibility, you are likely to get more people on-board. It is important that you refine how job search occurs, and how people in the skilled job segment get access to the jobs available in the market.
if you are planning on delivering a job search mobile app, you need to plan it as cleverly and intuitively as possible. The idea is to design it for the niche and deliver it as per their usage methods and requirements.
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This Article is Originally Published at Seashore Partners Official Blog