Many Benefits of Android Application Development

It is never enough to know enough, this is particularly evident when we are talking about Android, the open source portable working framework. Android Application Development offers monstrous conceivable outcomes to engineers keen on making out of the case applications and amusements for the versatile world. Not exclusively can the designers create different applications and amusements utilizing the platform yet additionally move, disseminate and showcase it effectively.


A decent quality about it is that it continues refreshing itself from time to time, giving Android development group opportunity to extend their innovativeness to create applications which generally would not have been conceivable. One ought not to be amazed to see distinctive dimension applications being presented in the Android showcase at standard interims.

Anyway all Android Application Development are not at equivalent dimensions, some are great at achieving certain Android application development undertakings, and some are great at certain other sort of ventures. Customers are dependably vigilant for the best Android Application Development group, which can deal with their undertaking as required by them.

Customers employ Android engineers with abilities and aptitude to create applications as they imagined, in such a way, to the point that it will almost certainly stand its ground in the market, increasing tremendous prevalence and meeting business targets. Other than a decent application, Android app development brings along numerous different advantages like:

More noteworthy Achieve: Worldwide information demonstrates in excess of 200 million Android initiations as of not long ago, which means at any rate these numerous individuals are utilizing Android empowered gadgets. It would likewise imply that you will probably contact these numerous individuals in the event that you have your own application or amusement dependent on this stage.

Visit Updates: From the time it was acquainted with today, it has experienced different updates, each creation it superior to the past renditions. Better stage would clearly mean much better Android Application Development.

Development: Android accommodates Android application development through its different devices. Designers can by and large utilize these apparatuses to create applications as well as test, move, disseminate and advertise them the manner in which they need to meet their necessities.

Open Commercial centre: Google makes it less demanding to move and appropriate these applications. Designers would thus be able to guarantee that their application will contact the focused on group of onlookers in a matter of moments.

Every one of these advantages makes Android Application Development considerably increasingly attainable and advantageous to customers. Applications can be created utilizing its committed SDK, can be tried utilizing Android apparatuses and can be conveyed utilizing Google Play, giving everything expected to powerful portable application development.


Tools for Testing AngularJS Applications

Crafting a solution is never enough. You need to test the solution you have devised multiple times before you can actually know whether it will work in the real world or not. Testing today’s time and age has become easy and automated thanks to the many tools available in the market. The tools help understand the quality, the development guide and document every functionality and performance parameter being measured for the application.


If the front end of the application has been developed using AngularJS, you need to use the tools available for the same, in the market, to ensure the application works properly and is smooth and user friendly as you had proposed it to be. Want to know which tools will help you subject your AngularJs applications to thorough testing? We have curated an entire list for the same.


Karma is the test runner tool majorly used for NodeJS applications also supports the AngularJS application testing. You need to install this tool in your global node_modules directory for smooth running of the testing tool. With this tool by your side, you can test the application on real devices, which makes your testing process complete. You can control the entire workflow with the command line, using this tool. The debugging is made easy with this tool by your side. The tool also promotes simple continuous integration with Jenkins and Travis.

Angular Mocks

The ngMock testing tool is another impressive creation by the makers of AngularJS. The purpose of this tool is to inject and mock the AngularJS services using the unit tests. You can even use the tool to extend it to the other modules synchronously. The synchronous tests make up for cleaner and easier methods of testing the application. With the inject method, you basically inject dependencies to test the application.


A simple, extensible and fast testing suite, Mocha was earlier created to test NodeJs applications. However, today the testing tool has been extended for the AngularJS applications as well. If you are planning behaviour driven development and are opting for unit and integration testing, then this is the go-to tool for you. The describe function available with this testing tool allows you to describe the features that you have planned for the application in detail. The argument function is where you are bound to describe the features.


When you combine AngularJS with Browserify, you create the dream team for your single page applications. You can easily combine common JS modules with the AngularJS dependency system, which makes it easy for you not just from coding perspective, but also from testing purposes. The script tags present in index.html will be replaced by a single script tag in case of Browserify. The unit tests can be easily written independently of the AngularJS coding, which means you can easily use any testing framework with Browserify.


Lodash is not just an excellent tool for AngularJS application development, but also an excellent testing tool. You can easily manipulate and test the values with this tool. It works well in case of modularity and performance testing. With modularity, you can easily increase the code coverage when performing unit testing.


Whether you are planning behaviour driven environment or a test driven environment, the Chai testing tool is your best bet to test applications from the core. If you want to DRY the existing tests, it is made easy with the custom plugins that you can build using this tool. Developing plugins to authorize the unit tests and check the functionality and performance of the application is made easy with this tool.


Use this tool with any unit testing framework, and you are sure to get excellent results. You can test the function using testing fakes or mocks, as may seem as a viable option to you. You don’t need to worry about dependencies when using this testing tool. It is majorly used to mock out the directives as well as the controller dependencies in the unit tests, in a way that the functions are called using the correct arguments.

Summing up

Developing applications with AngularJS has been made easy with the numerous tools and frameworks available for the different development environments. JavaScript testing has been made easy with the tools available for the different testing needs and environments.

If you are planning a single page application, we would suggest you to look no further than the AngularJs framework, as it offers ease of both development and testing, and ensures well-designed applications.

If you are interested in getting single page applications or web portals/applications developed to boost your business, connect with us at Seashore Partners. We ensure feature rich and highly functional applications relevant to your business needs.

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Benefits of Magento 2.3 Development Services

Starting a Seashore partners is often expensive. This is because there is a lot to see when setting up a Magento Development Services. In addition, a Seashore partners often needs to be custom-made.

To make a Seashore partners affordable, we have set up 3 different Magento offer Packages.

AngularJS Development Services

The advantages of our Magento Development Services

Fast online

Thanks to the design of the packages, a Seashore partners is ready quickly. Depending on the chosen package you can be online within 1 week with your own Magento Development Services.


The Magento Seashore partners Packages are specially designed to be able to start a Seashore partners inexpensively

Search engine friendly

The design of Magento is that it is already optimized for the search engines by default. This makes it easy to achieve high positions in Google

Magento as a platform for your Seashore partners

Magento is one of the most comprehensive web shop systems on the market. It has a lot of possibilities and is easy to use. Because of this, running your own Magento Development Services has never been easier.

Cheap start a Magento Seashore partners with the Magento Package

Often setting up a Magento Seashore partners is expensive. This is partly due to the fact that customization is almost always chosen for a Magento Seashore partners. This costs a lot of time and money.

With our Magento Seashore partners Packages we use a fixed layout, which we adapt to your requirements and wishes depending on the chosen package. With a Magento Seashore partners Package you have a ready-to-use Seashore partners, with which you can quickly start selling products. This keeps the costs low, saving you a lot of money.

What does the package consist of?

Dutch Magento Installation

The Magento Seashore partners Packs are based on a Dutch Magento installation

Improved Checkout

The checkout procedure is optimized for the highest possible number of orders

Searchmachine optimization

Thanks to the design of our Magento Seashore partners Packages your Seashore partners is easy to find in the search engines

Adjustments design

Depending on the selected package, the design is adapted to your requirements and wishes

Create pages

The standard pages of your Seashore partners, such as about us, are created

Set up Seashore partners

The desired shipping methods and payment methods are set

Why Is Django Development Services Here to Stay?

Python built-in integrated built-in integrated conceived with the aid of Van Possum as a built integrated language integrated December 1989. Additionally, the built-in and backward-built-incompatible model of the overall-cause Django Development Services language turned built integrated launched on 3rd December 2008. But Python is lately rated through some of the surveyors as the maximum popular language of 2015. The huge recognition suggests integrated Python’s effectiveness as a modern-day Python Web Development language. at the same time, Python three is currently utilized by builders throughout the worlds for a variety of desktop GUI, and cellular packages. There are also some of the reasons why the big recognition and market percentage of Python will Django Development built-intact over a longer time frame.


5 motives Why the large recognition of Python Will Django Development Intact built-in

1) helps a couple of Program built-in Paradigms

Top developers often take advantage of different Django Development paradigms to reduce the amount of time and efforts required for Django Development large and complicated applications. Like other current Django Development -ing languages, Python also supports some of usually used Django styles built integrated item-orientated, practical, procedural and imperative. It built-in addition features automated memory control, built-in conjunction with a dynamic built-in integrated system. So programmers can use the language to effectuate improvement of large and complicated software programs.

2) Does not Require Programmers to put Django Development lengthy Code

Python is designed with complete cognizance on code clarity. So the programmers can create a readable code base that may be used by contributors of disbursed teams. At the same time, the easy syntax of the Python Web Development language permits them to explicit without longer built-ins of code. The characteristic makes it simpler for builders to big and complicated packages built-in integrated a stipulated quantity of time. As they could without difficulty pass responsibilities required by different Python Web Development languages, it built-into integrated easier for builders to build and replace their programs.

3) Gives a complete widespread Library

Python built-in addition built- over other Python Web Development languages because of its good-sized popular library. The programmers can use these libraries to perform a selection of tasks without longer integrated of code. Also, the usual library of Python is designed with a big number of high use responsibilities scripted built-into it. Built-ingle, it facilitates programmers to accomplish tasks like operations, development and implementation of built integrated, built-in integrated with integrated protocols, and built-in integrated built-in system built-interface.

4) Effectuates net integrated utility improvement

Python is designed as a fashionable-cause Python Web Development language and lacks built integrated improvement capabilities. But the built-internet builders use a ramification of upload-on modules to write down built-in packages built-in Python. At the same time as built-in programs integrated Python, programmers have the choice to use several high-level built integrated frameworks built- Django, web2py, Turbo Gears, Cubic Web, and Real. Those built integrated frameworks help programmers to perform a number of operations, without extra code, like database manipulation, URL, session garage and retrieval, and output template grated. They could built-in use the web frameworks to protect the built-in utility from cross-website online assaults, sq., and go-website request forgery.

5) Enables development of excessive excellent GUI, clinical and Numeric applications

Python is present to be had on fundamental built-in structures like built-in, Mac OS X, and UNIX. So the computer GUI applications written built integrated -in language may be deployed on multiple structures. The programmers can build integrated speedup cross-platform laptop GUI utility development the usage of integrated frameworks like, and. Some of the reviews have highlighted that Python is used broadly for improvement of numeric and scientific programs. While medical and numeric applications built-in Python, the developers can take built-in of tools like Skippy, Pandas, Python, built integrated the Python Library.

Customize your Enterprise App with iPhone App Development Services

As far back as the appearance of iPhone, it has caught the handheld gadget showcase like no other, by focusing on groups of onlookers from wherever from the well informed to the ones among the not all that specialized. The gigantically rising prominence of the iPhone App Development Services among the majority and its select dissemination stage, are some essential explanations for the rising requests of iOS apps in each industry from promoting and publicizing to gaming and utility administrations.

Taking a gander at the present market situation, iOS apps are maybe making the most recent buzz in the versatile application development world. As the quantities of iOS clients are expanding every day, it winds up essential for any app development organization to put and take earnest activities toward this path for its consistent development and achievement. Regardless of on the off chance that you are a little or an expansive undertaking, and whether your area is in back, promoting or publicizing, iOS app administrations have an extensive effect all over the place.


Give us now a chance to investigate the conspicuous zones, where iPhone app development administrations have a huge effect.

  • Customized Venture Arrangements: With the market changing so progressively nowadays, there is an expanding prerequisite for handcrafted versatile applications. Such apps are noteworthy in giving the clients constant administrations. The rising business sector rivalry likewise to a great extent and promptly requests the client strengthening. Examples of overcoming adversity shared by incalculable business companies plainly demonstrate that dispersion of iOS app benefits in the custom portable application advertise has without a doubt far to proceed.
  • Marketing and Promoting Apps: Organizations are currently creating applications that can clear a path for purchaser to-item connection. At the same time, they can likewise make the equivalent an engaging undertaking. The information gathered by these apps, for following client item connection, is a decent finding out about the client conduct. This learning will clear your way towards shrewd and wise basic leadership. Showcasing iPhone App Development Services on two winged, i.e. fulfilling your client’s development, with similar stone.

Conveying promotions by means of iPhone apps make the applications way increasingly successful and business driven, focusing on straightforwardly to the shoppers. As per the examination, this iOS app benefit has by a wide margin been the most profitable and valuable stages for versatile publicizing.

  • Gaming and Simulation Apps: iPhone has inescapable highlights and capacities, similar to its broad touchscreen, accelerometer, 3D rendering, and so forth. These highlights make the iOS gadget ideal for a wide range of amusement apps, regardless of whether it is sound, visual or gaming. This additionally clears a path for more open doors in the development of gaming and other amusement apps.
  • Data Security: To guarantee the insurance of touchy information is an urgent purpose for organizations going portable. In this way, it is critical to get your altered iPhone app created from an all-around experienced and solid source that can address all your security related worries alongside giving the ideal usefulness. Think about the case of the social insurance industry, whereby patients’ therapeutic reports require assurance from unapproved get to. This can be cultivated by ensured security systems, for example, giving passwords, information encryption, and so forth.

With this, we have taken in the significant territories for iPhone app creation administrations. Aside from the ones referenced above, there could be numerous different zones where the skill of iOS stage has done and will do estimably well for the business development. These can incorporate GPS apps, versatile trade apps, person to person communication apps, and a lot more that one could envision.


Do you feel like your business requires a Custom Software Development Company?

Maintaining a business requires incredible personalities, powerful aptitudes, and legitimate innovation. As a Chief of any company, seeing each insignificant issue and finding the best answers for those issue turns into the best need at whatever point the company slacks in accomplishing their destinations. Be that as it may, one of the primary reason organizations falls back isn’t having a successful application that would assist the company with performing a business process in a moderately simple and convenient way.

Being a substantial scale industry would require such applications, for the most part, known as Custom Software Development Companies, however, it is profoundly sought after in little and medium measured ventures as because of different highlights it offers to the company, despite the fact that it cost somewhat more than your standard outsider applications.

In any case, the most essential inquiry that lands here are “How to know whether you truly require custom programming”? There are numerous organizations out there who are utilizing indistinguishable item from utilized by thousands in the market and helping them maintains an efficient business. So for what would, you require a custom programming for your association? All things considered, to know the appropriate response, read further.

Here are referenced a few to know whether your Custom Software Development Company is just declining your business procedures and it’s an ideal opportunity to swap it with Custom Software Development Company.

Innovation is beating you: You are an association that offers important services to your customers. Notwithstanding, not staying aware of the most recent innovation can influence your services and result in the loss of those valuable customers. With advancing innovation, the desire for the customer has likewise expanded enormously and utilized more established assets will just slack your business procedure.

Current application giving cerebral pains: The principle motivation behind why applications exist is to diminish the endeavors of human asset and give Custom Software Development Company in the errands. What’s more, when the product never again satisfies those necessities, it’s a great opportunity to transform it with something progressively suitable and sensible.

Procedures take a ton of time: With regards to business, time implies a benefit. This is the reason the fundamental duty of the President and any pioneer of the office is to ensure their subordinates are giving their relegated errands on time and if for reasons unknown, they neglect to present the undertaking in time, it could influence the efficiency of the company. A powerless or less useful application could result in the postponement of the task that can be settled by transforming it with Custom Software Development Company.

Not ready to contend in the market: A bad dream for any representative if his/her company won’t have the capacity to rival their rivals because of the absence of adequate assets or essentially not having application that would cut their cost, time and exertion and give much-preferred outcomes over the product they are at present utilizing.

A Custom Software Development Company is new and all around respected method for giving your services to the customer in a quick and comfortable way and helps in expanding efficiency advances beyond their rivals and most importantly Article Pursuit, give a quicker response time.

Revisit the Native vs Hybrid Debate in 2017

It’s that time of the year when you have done with half the year and is looking forward to improving your approach and methodologies for a fruitful year. It is time to introspect what you have done till now, and the learning you have attained from them.

As a mobile app developer, it is extremely important to understand what approach will help you inch towards increased opportunities. The debate whether you should opt for native or go for a hybrid is pretty old but definitely not stale. With 2017 gearing up, and IoT and other emerging technologies becoming an intrinsic part of your daily tech language, it has become important to revisit this debate, and understand what works best in the current times, and how best can you leverage opportunities.

Node.js Mobile App Development

Before moving forth with the apt approach for mobile applications development, let’s understand the actual difference between native apps and hybrid apps.

As the name suggests, native apps have been defined for a particular operating system, and are written in the language native to the OS. For example, apps for iOS would be written either in Objective-C or Swift while for Android it would be written in Java. The apps are developed in a way that they follow the technical guidelines specific to the operating system, and they offer the user-experience dedicated to the platform. The native apps can easily access the native hardware, which makes them faster, and their performance is impeccable.

On the other hand, hybrid apps are developed without considering a specific platform- they are platform agnostic. This leads to faster development, and quicker release of the app, reducing the time-to-market. The apps are written in JavaScript and HTML5, and a single code can be shared across the different platforms. The apps feel native but, they have the data stored on the server, which calls for more time when accessing the app.

They are portable, cost-effective and can access hardware using plugins while, native apps are faster, and offer seamless user-experience.

Now, with this difference, let’s move on to understand how the two differ in 2017 thus creating better opportunities for businesses.

Hybrid vs native: the experience debate

It is a given that native apps perform much better than hybrid apps, which is why when building high-performance apps you tend to look towards native app development solutions.

Today’s user doesn’t wait for long for the app to load and get the contents on-board. That’s why you need an app that loads faster, and navigates with ease. Usability and functionality of the app matter the most.

When you have a native app, you will observe that it loads faster, is pretty usable, and quite functional. The seamless experience owing to the excellent performance makes it appropriate for performance-based apps.

The hybrid apps load the data to the server, and the data is fetched every time the user logs into the application. They use plugins to ensure the device hardware can be accessed.

Hybrid vs. Native: the speed of development debate

Hybrid apps are platform agnostic, which means you can develop apps using HTML5 and share the code across the devices, making it easier for you to create apps for various platforms simultaneously. The development time is saved majorly with hybrid technologies. The idea is to build once and run it everywhere.

Again, when you are dealing with hybrid apps, you don’t really take too much time upgrading the app or coding releases. The quicker time-to-market is possible with hybrid technologies. Native app development takes a long time compared to hybrid app development.

Moreover, hybrid app development is cost-effective, making it easier for small businesses and medium businesses to consider the technology to release their business apps and increase their revenue.

It is not a debate on whether you should go for hybrid or native but, about which route works best for your mobile app development roadmap. You should choose the one that proves to be most effective for your business, and boosts your revenue.

Why Swift is the Future of Enterprise App Development?

According to a recent article by Techcrunch, Swift is the future of enterprise app development. According to Tim Cook, in the next 20 years, Swift will be the next big programming language. The reasons were attributed to the smaller learning curve and the open-source framework.

Swift is an excellent open-source programming language crafted by Apple for iOS, OS X, tvOS and Watch OS. The idea was to help build an interactive, responsive and highly intuitive enterprise applications. Coding is easy, crisp and interactive with this programming language, and the syntax is concise. There are specific advantages to building applications with Swift.

Ecommerce Web Services.png

There are numerous advantages of moving ahead with Swift. Let’s discuss the few that we are aware of, specifically for enterprise Mobile App Development Services here.

It’s open-source

There is no better proof of Swift being advantageous to enterprise app development than the fact that it is open-source. The source code along with the bug tracker and the mailing list is easily available to everyone, which makes coding easy and debugging easier. This is a powerful programming language, with complete support from Apple and Linux platforms, making it easier for developers to code software.

It is modern

The programming language comes with extensive experience in developing Apple platforms. The APIs are easy to read into and maintain the clean syntax. The code in here is decidable and less prone to errors. Auto managed memory is another sign of this language being modern and easy to code with.

It comes with interoperability

You will never create an application without thinking of the future. You will always need to think of the future when creating a business application, as the business will grow and there will be more stakeholders. With Swift, you can scale the app for the future, and enhance its functionality as and when needed. Swift comes with easy coding and can co-exist with Objective-C files. The APIs make adoption of this programming language easy.

Other advantages

  • Apart from this, there are various reasons why you should go with Swift for enterprise mobile app development
  • The programming language comes with advance error handling model, which ensures the syntax is clean and devoid of errors
  • There is an inbuilt functionality to build the best app for the target OS version
  • This programming language completely eliminates the use of unsafe code classes
  • It comes with high-performance LLVM compiler, which makes compiling and debugging swifter

Going Ahead

Tim Cook and Techcrunch are stating the obvious, as Swift is indeed the language of the future. While most Mobile App Development Outsourcing still loves using Objective C, the clean and error-free code is possible only with Swift.

Share your views and comments on the same, and let us know if you would consider going ahead with Swift for enterprise applications.

Android O: Everything that you want to know about the yet to be released version

It’s that time of the year when we all start talking about the upcoming versions for Android and iOS. Yes, you got it right! The time has come to discuss Android O, the version of the OS that will be released in Google I/O in May this year. But, before the actual beta version is launched, Google has unveiled the developer’s preview version to have a basic overview of what the new version would be like.

The last beta version for Android 7 would be Android 7.1.2, post which it will be time for the release Android O beta version for developers. Currently, the builds are not ready, which is why it is not suggested to install the preview on your phones. Installing can attract quite a few bugs to your phone, and can mess with it. So, it would be better if you can wait before installing the update.


While the developer preview is available for just a few phones right now, we can always talk about what to expect in Android App Development. Here are the few things that we believe will be new and unique to Android O, which you can leverage. Nothing has been finalized as yet, and we will need to wait for Google to officially announce but, here’s our take.

Will support PIP

Wondering what is PIP? Picture-in-picture is the concept that was introduced with Android N but, that was specifically for the Android TV boxes. With Android O, this will be introduced to the phones and tablets, which means you can watch or view other windows without disturbing the one on which you are working.

To enable this, developers may need to add support factors. You will need to define the aspect ratio and introduce custom controls for the benefit. This is just something we believe will come with the new version but, we don’t know who it will work or, how developers can harness this theme.

Better notifications control

The notifications will further with Android O. There will be new themes introduced to make it better. The new version will have bundled notifications, which in turn will allow the developers to have better control over their notifications, and channelize them properly. You can even control what the app sends out a notification. Grouped notifications, as well as smarter display order, will also be seen with the new version. Cross-device sync will also be made possible with this new version.

You can now snooze the notifications, which means they will disappear for a while only to reappear. So, if you don’t want to dismiss notifications completely, you have this option.

Limit the background processes

The background processes can make your phone sadly slow, which can even hamper the performance of the apps. The need to kill your background processes led to the inclusion of doze, which was introduced with Android 7.

Android O automatically limits the sessions for the apps, ensuring they don’t update too much, which will reduce their impact on your phone’s battery life. The idea is to keep the app in the background and allow it to do what it wants, without reducing your phone’s battery life.

Miscellaneous Updates

Along with these major tweaks, you have some smaller yet very visible tweaks coming along your way too. One of it is the Neighbor Awareness Networking, which will allow devices to search and look for each other and form the bridge without the need for an AP. You can send data at high speed between the devices connected. You get support for low-power mode as well in this case. You get Audio API for the high-performance and low-latency audio.

Concluding with

The developer’s preview will be available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C or Pixel XL. Currently, no beta program is available. By fall 2017, we would have received a full version of the Android O operating system for a developer to start working with Android App Development Services.

These are just speculations based on the preview; only the Google I/O can tell anything about the actual version of the app. We will have to wait till May at least. We will be sharing updates as and when we receive them.

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