Top 7 Beginner Tips for Python Developers

New to Python development? Want a cheat sheet that can help you crack through every possible issue, and accelerate your development?


Here are the top 7 tips for Python beginners that we have curated from our experiences as well as that of the others.

  • If you are using UNIX system, and face trouble running the Python script you have coded, you can simply use the following command. It will help run the script from command line itself
    # run python script
    $ python
  • Using Python interpreter to run the Python scripts makes it easy for beginners. We generally recommend it. You will need to start the Python console and give the command prompt to get the program running
  • There is a date time module that you can use to calculate the total number of days between two dates
  • String searching is pretty easy with Python frameworks. The first way is to check if one string contains another one in the syntax. There are two arguments, and you need to check if the left argument is contained inside the right argument. There is another method, often known as the library method, find (), which returns the index position of the string. In case no string is found, you will get the -1 value
  • You can calculate the Python execution time using the methods in the time module. The methods will return the exact execution time taken by each block of code
  • The Enumerate () function allows you to add a counter to the iterable object in the code. This returns the iterator value, and accepts sequential indexes beginning with zero. They tend to loop over the list and keep track of the index.
  • There is a data type Set that is usually useful to Python beginners. The set tends to contain all the unique and immutable objects. You can create the sets using the built-in function set() using a sequence or some iterable object
  • With Python, the dynamically typed language, you no longer need to type in the data types. The datatype will be tracked internally by the framework based on the value you have provided them with
  • Python is a solid framework that allows you to input conditional expressions
    number = count if count % 2 else count – 1
    data = data.load() if data is not None else ‘Dummy’
    print(“Data collected is “, data)
  • Use the simple “+” sign to concatenate the strings
  • There is the “init” method that allows you to invoke an object class. This method allows you to perform initialization


These are some of the simple tips that will get you started with Python development, and help you successfully deliver an application.


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ASO vs SEO: Are We Looking at Two Different Optimization Strategies?

When you hear ASO, there are chances you might connect it with SEO. While both are optimization strategies, and work in a similar fashion, they are different in many ways.

Let’s look at what App Store Optimization really is and how it improves optimization efforts.

App Store Optimization is improving the branding and augmenting the visibility of an app within the app store. The idea is to improve the app store rankings and this has no relation whatsoever with the search engine rankings for the application.

SEO on the other hand works towards improving the website and increase its ranking on the search engine. The former works well within the premises of the app store, while the other improves optimization for both the search engine and the website itself.

Here we will compare the two based on three important factors, and define how each is different.



Optimization basically improves the ranking of a website or a mobile app. Both the optimization strategies effectively work towards this ultimate aim. In case of app store, the app title plays an important role in ensuring maximum downloads for the app. The title creates the impression on the user. The number of downloads is proportional to the trust it imbibes in the user for the app. The ranking is again based on the keywords used.

On the other hand, the search engine rankings are improved when the website has included Meta tags and proper keywords on the website. Rankings in this case improve when there are multiple links pointing towards your website, and they are all qualified links. The quality matters in improving your search engine ranking.


This is the next point of comparison. The ratings are important if you want to increase visibility of your app online. The app store has its own rating methods, which is solely managed by the application. The more ratings and reviews you get, the better your app is ranked on the app store.

Ratings have no relation with the ranking you get on the app store. They definitely help with conversions but, the rankings are solely dependent on the algorithm of the search engine and how far and wide Google is able to crawl through your website. You will need to use strategies such as link building, relevant and personalized content and on-page optimization techniques to get noticed by Google or other search engines.



This is one of the points of similarity between ASO and SEO. Both require you to search for keywords that can improve the site or app’s optimization. You need relevant and low competition keywords if you want to differentiate your brand on the search engine, and improve the rankings. You will need to do a competition keyword analysis if you want to know the keywords that are likely to perform better.

while both are optimization strategies, they work for different aspects of brand building. The ASO works specifically for the app store while, the SEO works for the search engine, and outside the store and within a wider perimeter.

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How a B2C Twillio Programmable Chat App Boosts Business Communication?

As an enterprise what is your major concern? Most of you would answer, extending immediate support to the customers. How many of you try to break down this issue, and figure out what can be truly done?

Chat support is one of the ways of extending immediate support. However, the need for a human resource to attend to the needs of the customer causes delay in the communication, and makes way for another business.

Mr. Mykonos was one such business facing an issue of attending to the customer’s immediate needs, and required a business app that would help boost communication.

The solution offered is an excellent example of how enterprise mobile application for communication can be designed, and what things need to be considered before streamlining an application.


Need for chat app

There was no immediate contact between the employees of the enterprise and the customers. So, when a customer wanted to raise a question, they had to either send an email or call the support team, and wait for some time before they got some answers.

Second, there was no possibility of a real-time conversation. For every response, the customer could have a question, which needs to be answered. This was not possible on the email, and phone conversations could be long, and painful.

There was a need for something real-time and less time consuming for both the support team and the customers. The chat app was pronounced as a solution as it would be real-time, immediate and offer resolutions to every matter.

Why Twillio Programmable Chat?

Instead of building the chat application from the scratch, the chat application was built using Twillio’s programmable chat SDK.

In case of the entire solution, you had to struggle through every aspect of design and development, and the time-to-market increased. In case of Twillio SDK, you can readily add the available chat features and customize it to meet your requirements. You can even scale your business app hassle-free.

The chat SDK has the APIs and the features that you need for the business logic.

All you need to do is choose the client-side programming language. Accordingly, you will get the SDKs and the installation links. Once done, you are ready to start coding your app to meet your business and marketing strategies and goals.

The Solution

The solution was devised using the cloud-based Ruby on Rails framework with Postgre for the backend. The mobile solution was devised using the native iOS and Android operating systems. The Twillio SDK was integrated along with REST API for the mobile solutions. The solution also consisted of the typing indicators, reachability indicators and role-based allocation for ease of use.

The reason for the solution was to develop backend and frontend system separately, and ensure that backend is an integral aspect of the chat application, as the entire communication is dependent on the smoothness of the backend.

The development was not as easy as it was planned to be, as there were a few challenges the team faced, owing to the different factors involved.

  • Documentation is not available for Rails 5, and being a relatively new platform, the syntax and other aspects of the framework were still unknown.
  • Twillio documentation keeps evolving, and it is always a challenge to process with integration while you are working with a new and evolved version of Twillio. It takes time to understand the Twillio documentation, and you need to consider that time when you are planning for the integration.

Things to consider when planning business chat apps


  • The purpose of the chat application is very important. In this case, the purpose was clear that they wanted a real-time application that could connect and communicate with their customers. They also wanted to accelerate the time-to-market. That led to Twillio integration for the chat app development

  • What is the budget of your development? In case of Twillio app integration, you don’t spend a lot on the development. You can work on budget and get a smooth and well-defined chat application for your business. The budget of your app and related concerns help you realize the path for building your chat app


  • Finally, how do you want to proceed with the chat app development? Do you want to go in-house or do you want to outsource the development of the application? In-house vs outsourcing will determine the exact nature of app development and the strategies involved.



The Twillio programmable chat application has helped the business increase their conversions, and improve their profitability. The immediate contact with the customers has helped the company keep up with the changing customer requirements and offer them with the right kind of solutions.

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Know About Angular Dependency Injection

What is Dependency Injection?

Dependency Injection (DI) is used to inject the creating components and resolving dependencies of components and provide the best AngularJS Development Services to develop our company.

Why Dependency Injection?

  1. We can create the dependency of components using the new operator.
  2. We can look up the dependency of component by referring to a global variable.
  3. We can use the dependency for component when we needed.

AngularJS Development Forms Validations

AngularJS Development Services

How to use Dependency Injection?

  1. Services
  2. Directives
  3. Filters
  4. Constant
  5. Value

 AngularJs   Forms

  1. Form Introduction
  2. Form and Field Validation
  3. Binding Checkboxes
  4. Binding Radio Buttons
  5. Binding Select Boxes
  6. ng-options and empty Options
  7. Selecting Multiple Options
  8. ng-minlength and AngularJS Development Services
  9. ng-pattern and ng-required

What Is Form?

The Form is a group of controls, it just collections of related individual controls are group together.

In the registration form, we contain the Name, Address, and Contact, email and terms and conditions #wordpress.

ng-minlength and AngularJS Development Services

What is use of the ng-minlength and AngularJS Development Services?

Angular.js doesn’t encourage inheritance. If you go through a couple of articles about dependency injection in Angular.js, the message isn’t quite loud, but it is evident: inheritance leads to code coupling and should be avoided. Instead AngularJS Development Services encourages the use of composition, a practice where you break your code in little components or services that can be attached (injected) to your core logic when needed.