Essential Points to Consider before Starting a New Project in iOS App Development


iOS App Development


Are you planning for a mobile-first solution for your business? It is important to consider the user’s journey as well, when you are developing your very first mobile app. There are a lot of dos and don’ts, specific to the operating system as well.

Most businesses start off with iOS, before they move on to the other platforms. The reason being iOS gives them improved reach and better chances of attaining profits. If you are also planning to develop an app for iOS, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Know your audience
Who are you developing the app for? This is an important consideration, as it will help you define a user-centric solution. The idea is to deliver a solution that they will appreciate and download. If the target audience remains undefined, you are not quite sure who is going to use your mobile app, and it will result in a poorly defined and unruly solution. Eventually, the quality will suffer and the investment will be wasted.

Don the users hat
Till you know how the user uses an application, how can you define a solution for them. You will need to study the user’s mobile app behaviour closely. Just how do they hold their screens, how often do they change from landscape to portrait mode? You will also need to study how they touch the buttons, where do they prefer the buttons and how they pinch and zoom the screen. A complete understanding of the user will help you build the apt solution.

Design the UI
It is important you align your user interface with the layout that defines iOS. If your user interface does not meet their expectations, you might not be able to get the success you have defined in your goal statement. It should be simple. The target audience defined will help you design the UI. You should keep it intuitive and easy to navigate. The idea is to augment the user experience for your application.

Stay original
You may have a good idea but, if it lacks originality you are doomed. A clone of another app that does not solve any problems faced by the customer is not something that the audience looks forward to. If you are producing a clone, you should solve an issue that the original app was unable to solve. There has to be a point of difference in your app solution. This will not just guarantee your addition to the appstore but also increase your app downloads.

Testing is important
It is important for you to test your app as rigorously as possible. If you don’t test your app multiple times, you may lose out on one or many bugs that could lower your value on the app store. It is always a good idea to try out multiple testing methods before you go ahead with the app.

Take feedback positively
Feedback, whether good or bad, should be taken in the right stride. This will help you improve your solution, and make it more suitable to the audience you are reaching out to. So, when you get a feedback, whether positive or negative, use it constructively.

Summing it up
When developing for iOS, you should not only consider what makes the platform tick but also how best to derive at the right solution for your audience. There are several factors that make a good solution. Make sure you consider them all and plan your solution right at the beginning for a speedy entry into the app store.


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